Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wedding and Event Planning Tips l Los Angeles Event Planner Gianna and Company

Gianna and Company has been busy working on our brand, new website and blog and getting ready for a busy year.  If you are planning a special event or wedding or looking for a private estate or special venue, please let us know how we can help. xo

Here is a quick guide to keep your event from falling flat or going up in flames -

1. Don't skimp on the audio, so your guests can hear your vows, toasts, and the entertainment.

2. If you're having a slide show, make sure your content fits the equipment and is formatted correctly.

3. If you have a lot going on at your event, such as lighting, slide show, a band, schedule a technical walk-through.

4. Hire a professional and licensed alcohol caterer to serve the drinks; never agree to a self- service bar.  As the host, you are liable if your guests become intoxicated, and someone gets hurt - or worse.  When we produce an event, we use licensed and insured bartenders, experienced valet companies and off-duty police officers to help ensure maximum safety.

5. Make sure that you are kind to your event professionals. These people are hired to help make your dreams and visions come to fruition. We recommend that you confirm where they will park (make sure it is as close to the venue as possible), provide shade for the musicians, and a substantial hot meal if they are working more than four hours.

6. When planning your event, connect the dots from the moment your guests receive their
save-the-date to the final weeks before the event. Your event should be about the fun details, not about the money that you spend.

7.  When planning an event, we always think about the comfort of the guests - will they be baking in the sun, or could they be too cold?  When your guests are comfortable, the event goes more smoothly and everyone has a better time.

8. Be careful of event professionals who "promise you the moon."  Periodically, we talk with clients who have a $50,000 budget for a wedding in Los Angeles with 200 guests, and they want a high-end event.  I never say no to my clients as I value the importance of their needs, however my job is to be honest and help guide my clients toward reputable event professionals so they have options.

9. Watch the weather 10 days before your event and make sure you have a carefully considered contingency plan in place.

10. If you want to enjoy your event day and the time leading up to it, hire an experienced event planner to help you stay stress-free. Leave the planning to us and enjoy the process.

Estate Pick of the Week - We Have Access to Hundreds of Private Estates & Mansions

A Fun Idea for Your Next Event - 

Try a snow cone table for a late night snack.  Ask your venue or caterer to supply ice with a variety of exotic flavors, such as mango-mint, strawberry-basil and lavender-lemonade syrups.

Picks of the Week -

 Private Estate Wedding - Cake design by Super Fine Bakery

 Love the crystal votives.  
 Hanna's bouquet.  

Love chandeliers and beautiful lighting.  

Have a great week!  XO, Gianna 


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